Patients Gown Polypropylene - 110cm x 150cm Carton of 100 units

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Patients Gown Dark Blue 110cm x 150cm Carton of 100 units

•Fluid repellent spunlace for all types of surgeries.
•Nonwoven spun bond polypropylene fibres.
•Treated to provide increased repellency to low surface tension fluids, such as blood.
•Soft and breathable for high comfort

Non-Woven X-Ray Patient products can be used in hospitals, laboratory’s, food industries, anywhere
which needs protection/ prevention and isolation against dust particles, alcohol, blood and bacteria. Our
range is designed to improve infection control, be fast and easy, reduce cost and offer comfort.

Patients Gown Polypropylene

Isolation Gowns are a single non-woven polypropylene disposable gown equally suitable for patients or staff with light fluid protection. The gowns have a large fit size and come in either full body and arm coverage or sleeve version.

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