White Single Tier Glove Dispenser

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White Single Tier Glove Dispenser

Wall mountable wire glove dispenser rack. Designed to dispense disposable gloves for quick easy access. Ultra Safe Line of safe, convenient, hygienic health care dispensers are great for doctors’ or dentists’ offices, or anywhere sanitary gloves need to be kept.

This single tier wall mounted rack holds 1 box of disposable gloves or tissue boxes where everyone can see and access. But this glove box holder does more than just treat you to greater convenience and easier access, it also turns up the hygiene.

Unlike placing glove boxes in drawers or on countertops that increases the risk of cross-contamination, mounting them on a wall reduces contact with other items and allows for sanitary one-handed dispensing.

The Dispenser Design & Quality:

Save On Space:

Rid the clutter and free up valuable counter space. This glove box holder mounts to your wall and gives you more space to work. You have the freedom to hold 1 disposable glove or tissue box that fits in the dimensions of this holder.

Work More Efficiently:

No more misplacing that glove box. With this wall mount wire rack, everyone will know where to reach for the gloves. You’ll love the design that allows for quick product and size identification and the wide opening at the front allows for easy dispensing.

Enhance Hygiene:

Complement your kitchen, lab or medical facility with a sanitary touch. This wall-mounted disposable glove dispenser prevents cross-contamination from countertops, is far more hygienic than storing gloves in a drawer, and allows for sanitary one-handed dispensing.

Standout Quality: 

Deli or doctor’s office, garage or janitor’s room, daycare or nurses’ station, our glove holder brings on the durability. Solid construction designed to withstand the most demanding of settings.

While others are made using plastic that easily breaks or cheap metal that quickly corrodes, we’ve crafted ours using all-steel with a moisture-resistant  white powder coat finish so that it is durable enough to withstand the rigors of your commercial kitchen, lab, deli, medical facility, hospital, garage or any busy establishment To handle all the activity.


The single tier glove dispenser is ideal for all use dispensing quickly and cleanly, keeping hygiene at a premium in the food, medical and vehicle industries. An economical way to manage high quantity use.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Mounts on the wall to free up counter space.
  • Easy to install (only screws needed to mount it)
  • Holds 1 box disposable latex, vinyl, medical or sterile gloves boxes 
  • Has a wide opening at the front for easy access of gloves.
  • It allows for quick product and size identification to enhance efficiency.
  • It can also be used for holding tissue boxes or wet wipes.
  • All-metal construction ensures impressive durability.

Construction: Mild Steel
Coating: White Powder Coat
Mounting: Screw Mounting to the wall for finishing- NO SCREWS INCLUDED
Size: Single Tier | 24 × 8 × 10.5 cm
Pack Includes: 1 Metal Dispenser

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