CONMED Hyfrecator 2000

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CONMED Hyfrecator 2000

The Hyfrecator has been the product-of-choice by physicians in office-based electrosurgery for almost 70 years. Hyfrecator Conmed 2000 is a multifunctional generator with both monopolar modes and self diagnostics. It is integrated with dual microprocessors; one microprocessor ideally controls the functionality and output of the system, whereas the second terminates instantly when any safety hazard is detected. This exclusive feature makes the hyfrecator one of the safest office-based electrosurgery units. Again, the high and low output ports incorporated in Hyfrecator Conmed 2000 allows one to conveniently switch back and forth depending on the procedure used. The device ensures a precise output at both low and high settings.

Features only available in the Hyfrecator system:

  • High or Low Output Ports; allows you convenient switching back and forth between settings depending on your procedure. Save your most common procedural settings in both high and low mode. Precise output at low and high settings.
  • Dual Microprocessors; one microprocessor controls the output and functionality of the system while the second terminates activation if a safety hazard is detected. This makes the Hyfrecator one of the safest office-based electrosurgery units in the world.
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Power up and down handswitching pencil with 3m cable
  • 5 Sharp electrode tips
  • 5 Blunt electrode tips
  • Wall mount kit
  • Operation manual
  • In-Service CD
  • 2 year warranty card

Additional Information

 1.Hyfrecator 2000 Power Cord & Bracket Instructions.pdf
 2.Hyfrecator 2000 Power Settings.pdf

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