CellAED Personal Defibrillator with 1 YR CellAED Membership

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CELLAED PERSONAL DEFIBRILLATOR with  1 Year Membership Included

Be one of the first to access CellAED®, the world’s first hand-held, smart, personal AED (automated external defibrillator). Current lead time estimate is 1-2 weeks delivery.

CellAED is your handheld, smart personal AED, for use together with CPR, in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.


  • Easy-to-use in three steps: Snap Peel Stick
  • Built-in audio voice prompts to guide you through the CPR and defibrillation steps
  • Fully integrated battery and gel pads
  • Product expiry of 2-years
  • Designed for your home, workplace and community

Note: You'll need to replace your CellAED before it reaches it's 2-year expiry. To ensure you always have a working CellAED ready for use, we recommend adding CellAED for life - which it the most affordable way to own a CellAED.

One membership covers one CellAED. Your annual membership will renew automatically 1-year from the date your CellAED is shipped. You may cancel your membership at any time <Terms and conditions apply> $198/yr.

CellAED for life membership includes:

  • Automatic CellAED replacement, new for old, before the end of product expiry
  • Replacement of your CellAED if used in an emergency
  • IoT connection to manage remote maintenance checks
  • Plus many more membership benefits

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