3M 26603 ECG Electric Red Dot Repositionable 3'(600pcs)

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3M ECG Electric Red Dot Repositionable 3'

  • Truly repositionable, cost saving may be realised by repositioning rather than replacing electrode.
  • Quick-to-stick means less time wasted, and wear time up to three days means fewer electrodes used.
  • Potential for fewer false alarms that can waste electrodes, generate wasted paper and waste nursing time.
  • Better quality and faster trace can offer time and cost savings.

Electrode area 4cm x 3.2cm. Repositionable Monitoring Electrode, Adhesive area 3.2cm x 3.2cm, 3 Each/Bag, 2660 electrode has less aggressive adhesive than the 2670, radiolucent

A repositionable electrode that can be repositioned at least once in the first hour following initial application, thanks to the Dual Function Adhesive, which holds the electrode in place and conducts the signal. The adhesive absorbs both water and oil from the skin, which allows the electrode to adhere to a wide variety of patients. The dual function adhesive also reduces skin stripping. The 100% conductive area reduces impedance and ensures a clearer, faster trace. This soft cloth backed electrode can be used in all ECG monitoring applications, including Holter Monitoring and Stress Testing. The electrode features a radiolucent snap which allows x-rays to be taken without the need for removal and it may be safely worn for up to 3 days. Product Benefits: Larger conductive area helps reduce impedance and improve trace quality. Comfortable and gentle, with a low profile that helps the electrode to stay on the patient. Quick to stick means less time wasted and 3 day wear time means fewer electrodes used. Cost savings may be realised by repositioning rather than replacing the electrode.

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